Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neurologist and Updates

It has been a while since my last post on here so here is an update. Riley is still in speech, play and occupational therapies. He is doing very well, and learning new words all the time now. His most recent word he learned is sit which sound like s&!@ when he says it. I cannot remember if I updated you on his sppech therapist having her baby early or not, but she has been out on maternity leave since August. Riley has been working with Sara while Lori has been out on her maternity leave. Sara has Riley using picture card to tell her what he wants not. I am not sure if he really gets that what is on the card is what he gets, but he knows if he hands her a card he will get something in return.
The 1st week of October was the Walk now for Autism Speaks Carolinas event. Rileys play therapist, Jamie, came out with her daughter to walk with us. It was amazing how many people showed up.

Riley's Occupational theripist was also out on maternity leave. She recently came back for about a month, and realized she needed more time with her little one. So now we are switched back again. Atleast we are getting back someone he has already worked with. He is making improvements now, and will even walk in and touch the grass without it affecting him.

So Riley had an appointment with the neurologist today for his MRI that he had way back in June. The last thing they told me was that everything looked fine, and she was just going to have the pediatric neurologist look over his MRI to double check. I never heard back from her so I assumed everything was fine. So I get paperwork in the mail last month for this new appointment that he had today. W...hen I got the papaerwork I called and asked what the appointment was for, and all they could tell me was a sacral lumbar anomole (Which I googled, and coundn't find anything helpful). I take him to his appointment today, and they tell me he has a cyst at the bottom of his spine by his spinal cord, and they don't know what it is for sure weather it is good or bad so I have to take him next friday for another MRI to see if there are any changes since his last MRI. Then I have to wait until December 31th to find out the results. Why didn't they tell be about this months ago?
We also have had halloween since I last talked to you. Riley was a lion this year. He didn't quite get what was going on, but he had a good time. We went into to town for the Tick or Treat around the town. They had a bulldozer parked in the middle of the road which Riley was amazed with, and had to thourouly inspect before we could continue on collecting candy. They also had a hay ride which he enjoyed as well. I forgot to mentoin we are also going to be moving in about a month. We got a house in town which will put us a block away from the elementary school Jade will be going to next year, and we are also walking distance from a play ground. I think it will be good for us because it has more space so Riley's therapist will be able to work more one on one with him with out Jade interfering. They hay ride we went on took us right past our new house too. Anyways that's all for now.  Enjoy the other photos down here at the bottom.


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